Landscaping for privacy is also key to creating secluded outdoor spaces. It works well for both modern back gardens and traditional gardens. However, use natural materials to create these spaces, making your area look attractive without breaking the bank.

If you’re on a tight budget, carefully positioning trees or shrubs with the help of paving contractors in Barnet is a good option. Or, if you have a budget specifically for your outdoor space, permanent structures or zoned areas will provide you with space to enjoy your privacy.

4 Landscaping Ideas for Creating Secluded Outdoor Spaces

If you’re planning landscaping in Barnet, consider these five landscaping ideas for creating secluded outdoor spaces to enjoy moments of peace and tranquillity in your own home.

1. Plant Trees

Trees always act as the best focal points in home gardens, grabbing attention and adding beauty to your place. Plant trees once and they’ll serve many purposes, such as looking colourful during spring, providing shade during summer, and offering fruits before autumn.

If you’re planting trees to hide a view or ensure privacy, a conifer will be a great option and will serve the purpose throughout the year. Before choosing larger trees, be sure of their approximate height and select a suitable spot where they can fully flourish. A potted tree is a good option when you’re short on budget.

2. Grow a Living Wall

A living wall is practical for compact patios and small terraces, adding vertical colour and texture. Paving contractors in Barnet suggest using a good quality hardscape framework for a living wall. Such a framework can only provide immediate results when it’s made from timber, metal, or brick.

The right choice of plants, such as shallow-rooted varieties that can grow in a restricted space, and a living wall planted more densely than a normal garden bed, will allow your living wall to establish and grow for several years.

3. Incorporate Arches

When you have more than one garden, simple arches can maximise the seclusion of one of them. An arch containing climbing plants will redefine your entrance, create a walkway, and provide your space with intriguing dimensions.

A cottage garden idea can be used to create privacy by installing a row of garden arches. Afterwards, train climbing roses to grow up each structure; this feature will create a very romantic look.

4. Privacy Fence Options

Homeowners who prefer maximum security and privacy will find installing a privacy fence a good option. You can choose from several fence materials such as traditional timber, modern metal, vinyl fencing, or composite options.

Select fence materials and styles according to your budget and aesthetic preferences. While landscaping in Barnet, you can customise your privacy fences with decorative panels, lattice tops, or climbing vines to make your outdoor space visually interesting.


Creating secluded outdoor spaces through landscaping is a smart way to enjoy privacy in both modern back gardens and traditional gardens. Using natural materials keeps the area attractive without spending too much.

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